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Preserving insightful knowledge through the humanities

College of Humanities Education

To produce experts in history, geography, and educational subjects in general to serve the people and our country. At the same time, the college looks at the issue of territory, geography, and the past of the Kurdish nation as a national strategy and wants to educate a generation conscious of the past of its nation.

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Dean's Word

The College of Humanities Education is one of the most important colleges in the field of humanities education. In this college, attention is paid to humanities education in the fields of History and Geography, and students are trained to adopt new methods.

We are also working on preparing students as educational cadres in the fields of geography and history for the education sector because in this college, along with studying subjects in the humanities, subjects in the fields of educational psychology, developmental psychology, principles of education, and teaching methods are also studied.

The campus of our college is located in Said Sadiq town, and after several years of opening, the college has played a great role in the development of science, academic, social, and economic fields to a good extent. Because of its vast number of students, most of whom are from other cities, The College has become a small university for people from outside the district to study in morning and evening classes. Our college has seen significant growth since its establishment, especially in the academic year 2019–2020, when our college opened evening studies and 1-year Diploma courses. It is currently taking steps to offer master's and doctoral degrees.

Assistant Professor

Dr. Salam Abdulkareem Abdulla



Teaching Staff






    Our Mission

    To prepare students to play an effective role in a brave, impartial, objective, and contemporary interpretation of historical events and be able to build and educate future generations with a healthy education that is appropriate to the developments of society. Upon completion of their study, the students are awarded a bachelor’s degree in history and geography education. Graduates of these departments can serve their people and country scientifically and efficiently in society as experts in the field of history and geography education, historians, geographers, and teachers of history and geography.

    • To introduce students to the science of history, geography, and educational subjects
    • Provide up-to-date information at all different stages

    Our Vision

    The vision of the college is to build the personalities of students in several aspects and in an integrated manner to become prominent, expert, and experienced graduates of this college, and to have scientific and academic abilities. At the same time, the college looks at the issue of territory, geography, and the past of the Kurdish nation as a national strategy and wants to educate a generation conscious of the past of its nation.

    • To produce experts in history, geography, and educational subjects in general
    • To equip well-prepared graduates to serve their community

    A Brief History

    The College of Humanities Education is an academic and scientific foundation established in 2014 by the decision of the Ministry of Higher Education and Scientific Research. As one of the colleges of Sulaimani University, it is based in Saidsadiq, Kurdistan, Iraq. The college strives to produce well-prepared, specialized individuals and to provide great opportunities for future jobs in the public and private sectors after graduation. This is possible due to the college department majors that are in educational areas. The college consists of two departments, namely History and Geography, which have admitted students since 2014.

All Departments

Our College offers a unique interdisciplinary approach to understanding the world. History courses examine past events, people, and cultures, while geography courses explore the physical and cultural characteristics of the world & regions. Together, these departments offer a comprehensive understanding of the human experience and the natural world. Students develop critical thinking and research skills, as well as a global perspective that prepares them for careers in fields such as education, journalism, and international business. In addition our graduates will have:

  • Critical thinking and analytical skills.
  • Effective communication skills.
  • Cultural knowledge and awareness.


The history department is dedicated to exploring the past through research, analysis, and critical thinking, providing a rich educational experience.


The geography department is committed to studying the world's physical and cultural diversity, preparing students for global citizenship and environmental stewardship.

College of Humanities Education

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College of Humanities Education

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College of Humanities Education

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