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The role of education in the development of Kurdistan

The Geography Department of our college will conduct a workshop with the title “The Role of Education in the Development of Kurdistan” for lecturers, employees, and students of the college on September 17, 2023.
The workshop will include educational, psychological, social, and teaching panels.
Which focus on families, schools, individual development from the basic point of view of psychology, and the role of teachers in the education of students in general until reaching university. In addition, the panels will focus on the post-graduation stages towards reaching marriage between the individuals of the community and show the necessary criteria for successful marriage and the development of a healthy family.
The panels and panelists are the following:

  • The mental health state of individuals, for example, undergraduates, By Dr. Luqman Mohammed Yarways.
  • The criteria for successful marriage from the viewpoint of science, by Lect. Kaniaw Ibrahim Karim
  • The role of teachers in education and teaching in the Kurdistan Region, by Asst. Lect. Rekawt Mirways Hussain
  • Proposing the steps of training programs for individual development from the perspective of the principles of education psychology in the Kurdistan Region, by Harem Mohammed Abdulkarim
  • Supplement of education between family and school, by Trifa Salh Hassan

The workshop will be held at the college – Conference Hall (9) at 10:00 a.m. and will be managed by Dr. Omed Hamabaqi Hamaamin.