د . سلام عبدالكریم عبدالله‌ 

Welcome to my Academic Profile page. My name is Salam Abdulkareem Abdulla and
I am Lecture  with a PhD degree 
The history of modern and contemporary, teaching in the College of Humanities Education at University of Sulaimani in Kurdistan Region, F.R. Iraq
Recently I'm  a Dean of the College
University at UOS.


Mobile: +964(0)770 1505031
Office: +964(0)07511505031I teach several topics at my faculty, i.e.
1. Research Methods.
2. History of contemporary Turkey.

My research interests focus on;
1. Kurds from Viewpoint of Theory ( Turkish and Islamic Integration) in Turkey.
2. Kurdistan Workers Party (PKK) in regional relations of Turkey and Israel

1980- 2003. (Dr. Salam Abdul Kareem Abdulla -   Majid  Khaleel  Fattah).

3. The thought of  ISIS as a threat on Kurdish national